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In this video, Deb Luttrell breaks down, with scientific precision, what you should expect from a Quilt Kit.


What is a quilt kit? A Quilt Kit is a wonderfully packaged box typically including a pattern and specially selected fabrics. The fabrics are chosen and pre-cut from a specific fabric collection, or an assortment of fat quarters and yardage.

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Video Transcript

- Hello, everyone, I'm Deb Luttrell, and I want to welcome you to the science of quilting 101. Today, I'm gonna talk to you about the anatomy of a quilt kit. You know, that may seem like something that you don't need to talk about, but we realized that a lot of our ladies come into the store, and we have a wonderful collection of quilt kits, but they're not really sure what is in a box when they buy a quilt kit. So I thought I'd take just a few minutes and go over it with you. We're gonna talk about the anatomy of a quilt kit. Why buy a quilt kit, you might ask. Why would I want to do that? Well, there are a lot of really good reasons. When you go to your local quilt shop or you shop online, you see a project, you see a quilt that you wanna do, and you want it to look just like that. That is a really good reason to buy a quilt kit. It's easy. The quilt kits are packaged with the fabrics already in them. Now, the fabrics are not necessarily the exact fabrics that are shown on the picture or even in a quilt that you see in a quilt store. Fabrics come and go, as we all know. They're discontinued very quickly in terms of time. And so, to make a quilt, a lot of times, the fabric, well, almost all the times, the fabrics are substituted. But if your shop knows what they're doing, they substitute very close to the picture, so it's a safe way for you to purchase a project, fabrics for a project. So, it's easy. The second reason you'd wanna do a quilt kit is because, honestly, it's less money. When you think about having to go and purchase the fabrics for a quilt, you're gonna purchase based on what's on the back of the pattern, and a lot of times, you don't need a whole 1/4 yard or you don't need a whole 1/2 yard. The fabric designer is going to write the fabric requirements based on how you would purchase it in a store, does that make sense? And so, when you purchase a kit, the kit's gonna be cut to what you need, not to exactly the fabric requirements. The third reason to buy a quilt kit is confidence. Oftentimes, you don't have the confidence to be able to purchase what you need. Sometimes you might purchase a fabric and it's not exactly right, and you get it home and you're disappointed with it, which goes back to the money. You have to repurchase it. Those are some good reasons to buy a quilt kit. How are quilt kits put together? I'm just gonna tell you that our quilt kits are put together by our fabric specialist, and I'm gonna tell you that the specialist will pull the fabrics for the kit, and then she will have someone, another specialist check it before she cuts it, and sometimes even three times we check our kits just to make sure that we feel comfortable that this quilt kit will make the project that you wanna end up with, which would be this, okay? Now, I wanna just show you one of our, I wanna show you this kit just to emphasize what I'm talking about, here. The instructions on this quilt, you guys, call for 80 1 1/2 inch strips of light fabric. It calls for 48 1 1/2 inch strips of dark fabric. It calls for a light, thin fabric and a dark, thin fabric, muslin border and binding. In your kit, we're gonna have chosen enough fabrics for you for you to get a really great variety. See what a great variety of fabrics that we have? You're gonna have all of these fabrics in your kit already selected for you. I don't know about you, but I don't have this many fabrics in my stash, and if I did, I don't think I would wanna have to spend the time pulling these out and cutting them down. Same thing with the dark fabrics in this one. You know, we've chosen the dark fabrics in the fabric colors to make this quilt for you. Then we have the light, thin fabric and the dark, thin fabric. It's clearly labeled. And we have the border print. In this kit, we also have the muslin that you need to make this, which it calls for on the pattern. So, that's just an idea. In your quilt kit, you're going to get a photo of the quilt. Let's see. On this one, this is how we do our photos. You're gonna get a photo of the quilt. The size is on there. You're going to get the fabric for the top, so that means the fabric for the piecing, the muslin in this case. You get the borders and the binding for the quilt, and you're gonna get the pattern. Now, I'm gonna tell you that 90% of the time, the pattern is included. We do have some kits that we don't include the pattern because it's so popular that a lot of people have it, or it's in a book, and we don't include the book because a lot of people have the book. How do you know, on a quilt kit, what is included, exactly? If you're buying online, we're gonna put it in the description on the item, in the description when you look at it online. If you're in the store, we have a sticker on the back, and it shows you exactly what's in the kit so you know if the pattern is included or not and whether you need to purchase that pattern separately. We're gonna disclose that to you so you don't get home and go, "Darn, I don't have a pattern," you know? I hope you enjoyed this, dissecting this quilt kit. I'm Deb Luttrell from Stitchin' Heaven, and I hope to see you soon.