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Deb welcomes back Janet to the Stitchin' Heaven Studios for a quick demonstration on how to use the Strippy Star Tool from Creative Grids.

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Strippy Stars Tool

Quickly and easily make star point units in 8 sizes from squares and strips - the cutting requirements for each is printed right on the ruler! Units “float” so you won't cut off the points when you sewing the blocks together. The template comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions or scan the QR Code printed on the template to view a video demonstration. The ruler slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. Then, our exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and miss-cuts! Total Size - 5in x 7-1/2in



Making Waves Free Pattern Download

Download the free pattern designed by Deb Luttrell of Stitchin' Heaven. 



Video Transcript

- Hey everybody! I'm Deb Luttrell with Stitchin' Heaven and I am here with my good friend Janet. Janet works in the store at Stitchin' Heaven and she has become our resident Creative Grid ruler expert. I didn't know if you knew that.

- I didn't know that.

- Well, Janet has discovered Creative Grid rulers and every month in our first Saturday class, she teaches a different ruler. So if you're ever in the area and you want to pop in on our first Saturday class, feel free to join us. But, you know what, she has discovered a tool of Creative Grids that we both love. It's called the Strippy Stars tool and this is what it looks like -- it's a little strange thing. And of course, with Creative Grids, you have the rough on the back so that it doesn't slip, so it's great. The Strippy Stars tool is a tool that makes a unit -- it's this star. You guys, you've all seen this most commonly, it's probably made with a tool called a TriRecs, which is a great tool too except for the fact, that if you're like me, I lose one of my -- it's a two-piece tool and I've lost one of the triangles and so it's not any good to me anymore. This is a great option to make these type of stars. Janet's made a few -- has a few options here I wanna show you. This is a little table-runner that she's made using a star and putting it on point. So, you can do that. You can also -- this is a very good example, I'm going to put this here so we can see it. This is a very good example of using the stars and putting a different center on them.

- Hourglass.

- Hourglass, yes. Which also, this quilt that's hanging behind us, this is a quilt that is one of my patterns. It's called...

- Galveston Island

- Galveston Island Waves. Galveston Island Waves. This was a project we did on a cruise recently. But, this is the unit here, using that star with a different center. This is a 12 inch star, here. Now, the very cool thing about this Strippy Stars tool is you can make blocks from three inches to 13 1/2 and there's a chart here. One of the very cool things about Creative Grid rulers you guys, is that when you buy a ruler, everything that you need to know about the ruler to make, to use it is included in the ruler. You don't have to have additional books or patterns or anything like that. So anyway, I'm gonna turn this over to Janet and I want you to go through and tell us how easy this is.

- Oh, it's so easy. Ok, because these always intimidated me because I just wasn't sure I could get it spiky, I was afraid I would lose my points in my intersection and these points float.

- Yay!

- Very forgiving.

- Very cool.

- Also, show them that if it's horizontal and vertical it looks one way, but put it on point and it actually gives an illusion that they kind of curve. So, we are actually gonna only use squares and strips, so we have no triangular pieces here to have to be worried about wonking off when you fold it back. So, your instructions here are going to tell you to cut nine squares. That would be your center, your four corners, and then your four points. And then you're gonna do strips. The strips are gonna tell you, based on what size you're going to do. This is going to finish at three inches so my strip here size is two inches. Now, this is a great way to use old binding. Like, you have leftover binding and you always kind of hang onto it cause you don't know what to do with it? So, you can either do it like we're showing here -- one color, on your spikes, on your star or, like you see on here, multiple colors.

- Yeah!

- So, it's a great way to use up scraps. All right, so this is when you're going to want to use a chalk pencil and you're going to actually decide on here the size -- it was three inches, so I line it up on here. Notice it doesn't go down to the corner because they are floating and this is when I'm gonna use my chalk pencil to draw on four of these for my four points. Now, you do not want to use a friction pen. As much as I love friction pens, you're going to be doing a lot of ironing so you will lose all your markings.

- Okay, good point.

- Chalk works well. Now once I have my four done, then that's when my strip comes into play. You'll notice that I have just sort of lined them up about eyeballed a quarter inch in. Okay, the strip is wide enough that you'll have plenty.

- Okay, so we've drawn the triangle and then we take this and we put it on our strip,

- Parallel

- Parallel, a quarter of an inch from the line here. Okay gotcha.

- And then you sew. You sew the whole way down.

- Okay

- Now, we're gonna rough cut them apart, so here's one of my rough cuts

- We can move that.

- And then after it's rough cut, we're going to iron to the strip which then will have this finished product but you'll notice, my back is still square. We're gonna keep the backs square the whole time. Now that's one side of the strippy star. Now we'll take it, we did I guess, point down, now we're gonna do point up, we'll do the same thing. We wanna use a different color, that's when you can throw in a different color. Rough-cut it across, press it back, and now you have this unit which, just lay it on top of this, you'll see, this is your little star unit.

- Right, very, very cool. So, then it's just simply an assembly at that point. You're not ever again working with bias-y pieces because we're gonna keep the back on it, it's also gonna keep it straight so we're not gonna worry with it wonking off when you press.

- Okay, that is a very, very good thing to point out. You don't ever cut this back away.

- You can just leave it, it will stabilize it and keep it straight.

- So you don't have any bias to worry with It's a very stable piece, yeah. I really like this.

- It's extremely versatile because you can take the stars and you can actually create a snowball which is what you did up back here too, well you cut across there.

- Because when you're using the TriRecs you do have a certain amount of bias because you are cutting on an angle there. And I don't know about you guys, when I make these, they never all seem to come out exactly the same. And I'm always having to fudge because of the bias.

- Or sometimes, I have to make extra just because it just will not work. I can't make it work, so sometimes I have to make a couple of spares. I don't have to make a couple of spares on this. Again, they make a size as small as a three inch finish up to 13 1/2 inch finish. You have eight sizes to choose from so it would pretty much adapt to any pattern that you've got. And so you would simply choose to do this instead of what your regular instructions say on your pattern.

- Right. Now if you would like to make the quilt that's behind us, we do have that pattern available and we'll give the link to that on the page. You know what? I think we're gonna provide this pattern as a free download on this video.

- Sounds like a plan.

- Yeah. So go to below and we're gonna put a link there just for you to download this pattern. Let me point out to you, the pattern, and this is important because with this, there's not a whole lot of patterns made using this ruler.

- Correct.

- So you need to be aware of when the opportunity is for you to use the ruler. So, this pattern is not written, this pattern is actually written for a TriRecs. So, what you want to do is to -- you can make it with the TriRecs if you want -- but if you wanna try this ruler, get the ruler and convert this pattern into using this ruler instead of using the TriRecs method. And I think you'll really, really like it.

- It's a lot of fun.

- Yeah, love mine.

- And you can be successful, that's the cool thing.

- Right. So if you're ever in the store, look Janet up, have her give you a demo on another great tool. We've got lots of Creative Grid rulers to show you. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you. And I'm Deb Luttrell, Stitchin' Heaven, and this is Janet Tanner, my buddy, and we will see you next time. Oh, be sure and subscribe to our channel down below.

- Absolutely.

- Because we have a lots of videos we wanna bring to you.

- Good stuff. We'll see you later, bye bye.

- Bye