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Deb shows you how to make "Moondance" using the Log Cabin Trim Tool for 8" Blocks by Creative Grids rulers. This quilt ruler is great for trimming log cabin blocks and half log cabin blocks.

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Log Cabin Trim Tool for 8in. Finished Block

The 8" inch Log Cabin Trim Tool Template features exclusive markings to create perfect finished Log Cabin; Half Log Cabin; or Courthouse Steps blocks. After adding each round of 'logs', place the appropriate centering square on the ruler over the 2 inch finished center square and trim. Since each round is squared up before the next set of logs are added, the results are spectacular. The suggested strip widths are printed right on the template! Size - 8-1/2in x 8-1/2in

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Free Pattern Download - Moondance

Designed by Deb Luttrell, download your free Moondance pattern today. 



Video Transcript

- Hey, everybody. I'm Deb Luttrell with Stitchin' Heaven and I am here today to talk to you about a new pattern that I have designed called Moondance. And this is the quilt behind me. Isn't this pretty? This is a quilt that you're gonna make using monochromatic colors. And your fabrics are just gonna need to go from light, very, very light, to very, very dark. That is probably the number one rule to make this quilt successful. I chose black, gray, and red because I just love that color combination. But other color combinations would work as well. So, when you design a pattern, you know, you design it and then you have to name it. And a lot of times, I just name patterns for songs that I like. And this one happened to be Moondance, that just was on my mind at the time, so that's what this pattern got named. But I think it's kind of appropriate, too. So, let's get started, let me tell you just a few tips about how you're gonna do this. This project is made using one of my favorite tools called the Log Cabin Trim Tool. It's from Creative Grid Rulers. And you can use this tool to make traditional log cabin blocks or my favorite, which is a half log cabin. And that's what we're making today. So I wanna show you how to do this. It's really, really very easy. Your instructions are gonna tell you how many to cut of what. Basically, on this size quilt, you're gonna cut for 50. Now, you can enlarge this or make it smaller real easy, just by the number of blocks that you make. But for this quilt, it is 72 by 83. And it's going to take 50 blocks and they are set on point. So when you choose your fabrics, the main thing that you wanna do is just to choose your fabrics that go from really light to really dark. Let me just give you a word of advice here. This last block needs to be really dark. This quilt does not have a sashing. It looks like it does, you know, this looks like a sashing, but it's actually a part of the block. So you don't have to worry, one of the things that I don't like to do in quilting is put a sashing on a quilt. You don't have to worry about that with this project. You just put your blocks together. All right, so we're going to choose our fabrics. You're gonna need one, two, three, four, five, six. And then you're going to cut strips. Two-inch strips is what you're gonna need. Your center is two and a half inches and you'll need 50 of those for this project. And then your strips are gonna be two inches. Now, all you're gonna do is take your strip and just for the ease of this particular project demonstration, I'm gonna cut this in half. You won't do that if you are, when you're making your quilt, you don't cut these in half. But just so we can go a little faster and get a few things done, I'm gonna cut this in half. So you're gonna take your center fabric and your first fabric and I'm gonna move over to the sewing machine and actually sew this for you so I can show you how to use this wonderful ruler. So you're gonna start these out on your strip. You're gonna put right sides together and you are going to sew a quarter of an inch. And then you're gonna add another center and you're just gonna leave a little space between each one. Okay. And then, so I'm gonna do three of these, just so I can show you how this works. You're gonna really love this. This is so easy. You know, a lot of times with log cabin blocks, we have to cut all of the strips to size and that takes a lot of time with cutting. But that's not the way it is with this one. So once you get that cut, once you get that sewn, we'll move those out of the way, you're just going to rough cut these in half apart. This one, there's one, here's one, and here's one. You wanna leave a little on each end. And then we're going to press these. We're going to press them all toward, I'm gonna use my little palm iron on here, that we, I just got this, I just love it. Do any of you have one of these palm irons? They're wonderful. Anyway, you're gonna press these all outward, away from the center. All right, here's another one. Now, we're gonna use our Martelli again. I love this Martelli mat, it's just wonderful. And so we're gonna set this up where our square is in, this has got the quarter inch built into it, our square's on the outside there, and we're just going to square that up. And then we're gonna turn this and we're gonna put it on the first line, just like this. Oops. Don't wanna take off my center square there. All right, that's our first step. Then for our second step, we're gonna take your second strip. Actually, let me go ahead and cut down a couple of these. Okay. The beauty of doing it this way is that your quilt stays squared up, which way is it, all the way through. Okay, there's that one. You put it on the line. Same thing with this one. Put your half log cabin square in the center then you turn it around. The beauty of this ruler is that the quarter inch is built in. All right, so we've got three to go there. All right, again, I'm gonna cut this in half. When you're doing this on your own, you don't wanna cut these in half, you wanna do the whole strip because you've got 50 of these to do. We're only doing three. Okay, and so again... Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait just a second, it's not this one. It's, I need the other side of my white. So, I'm taking the others, I'm taking, that's one side. I'm taking the other side and I'm gonna sew it. Because you know, with a log cabin, you have two sides the same color. Or with this log cabin you do. So I just want you to get the idea of how you're sewing these onto your strip, mainly. Instead of having to cut the individual squares. I think we might have room for one more if I squeeze it in there. Okay. Now again, we're gonna take our cutter and we're gonna cut these just a little oversized and we're going to press them toward the outside, away from the center square. Okay. All right. Now we're gonna take our log cabin ruler and we're gonna square that up. So you've already go the first one squared up. So you just put your log cabin, your center square there, you trim off the edge, and then you turn this. You square it up on the line. Square it up here. And this is the reason you need a rotary mat. I don't like when you're in a position that you have to go like this or you have to go like this to cut. A good rotating mat is a wonderful thing to have with this type of project. So next, you continue on. Now, I'm gonna not take the time to do this one. We're gonna put those aside. Basically, you're just gonna add, and I'll add one more set here. So let's pretend we have a lot of these done. And... And then we're just gonna continue on and chain piece these one after another. That makes sense. So it makes this really fast, it makes it go really quick. And then you just take your rotary cutter. You also, because you're squaring up, there's not so much pressure for you to get exactly a quarter inch seam on this project. If you're a beginner and you're learning how to do a quarter inch seam, this is a great project for you. So we're gonna do this again. We put our log cabin red center in the middle. Square off our tip. And then we turn this around. And we line it up on the line here. And on the line here. Okay? And I'll do one more. And again, we've got now several of these done, or we've got 50 of them done, and we're doing all of these at the same time. Chain sewing them one after another onto our strip. Okay, always, also, let me reinforce this, give yourself a little bit of extra when you're gonna set that seam. And then we want to press this to the outside. But give yourself a little extra when you're cutting these apart so you'll have something to use to square this up. The whole point of this ruler is that you square it up every time. So we're gonna line it up again. Square this up. And then turn this. You put this on the outside line. You can square it up here. And then square it up here. Okay, so you repeat that over and over again until you get your block built out. And so once you finish, you'll have a block built out like this. And since you squared it up every time, it's exactly right, it'll be your eight-inch square that it needs to be when you get finished with it. In the pattern, it shows you how to put this together. Let me just kind of walk you through this because sometimes, putting a quilt together on point is a little bit difficult. I mean, it's a little bit, you have to envision it in your mind. I'm gonna show you the diagram that we've got. With this pattern, it makes it really, really easy. All you have to do is go by this diagram. And you literally could just put this together row by row. You start, actually, with the corner, which would be right here. And you put this onto a block. And then you add the two corners here. So this is a row. Actually, what I do is, I put this row together and then I add my corner. I think that it looks a little better. So like this is a row, so you put a block and two triangles. Down this row, you're gonna have a triangle and three blocks and a triangle. And so on and so forth, okay, until you get to this section right here, which is one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four sections. So that's half of your block. Then you start on this side and you repeat it. And you do this side of your quilt. And then you put the sections together. So it's pretty easy to put together, if you follow the picture that's in the pattern. I love this tool. Not only can you make the half log cabins, but you can also make log cabin squares with it. It's just a great way to do it, fun and easy with not a lot of cutting. So pick that up and experiment and see what you can come up with on your own. So, if you have any questions or you need any more information, be sure and leave me a comment. I'd love for you to subscribe to our channel. And I hope you've enjoyed this lesson on Moondance and the Log Cabin Trim Tool from Stichin' Heaven. See you next time!